The Start of Something New

Hey guys, this is Angel….. And welcome to my first blog post . This post is all about my introduction and some of you would find it a little boring but this will give you an idea about myself.

So I am just an average teenage girl with fancy dreams. I have a lot of hobbies like tennis, dancing, baking and many more. I love travelling so much that sometimes I even think about travelling the world on wheels (which is actually impossible but what’s the harm in picturing it). I am not the kind of person who has figured out every single minute of their life. I am a person who is still finding her place in this world.

And fun fact, I can’t pronounce ‘pronunciation’!

People often just assume that I am boring or rather different from them and so blogging is a way for me to show the real me. Mainly I am going to post about my creations and experiences. Hope I am able to reflect myself well…..

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