Your goal isn’t that far…

We all see the Moon everyday, and have heard about numerous people who went into space and left their mark on the moon, FOREVER.

These people didn’t just get the opportunity of going to the Moon without doing anything. They had to go through vigorous training to do so. From choosing their ambition to the space shuttle take off; they came a long way. They didn’t think about the obstacles they would have to face. They never thought about the 252,088 miles they would have to travel to achieve their goal. The only thing in front of them was the MOON (their goal).

People often see only the negatives or struggles between them and their goal. They never try to focus and work hard to achieve it. Try comparing us to those astronauts who travelled through all 5 layers of the atmosphere. Some of them even died during their journey, but their efforts made them eternal in our hearts. They travelled 252,088 miles to accomplish their mission whereas our goal can be just within a few inches, we just need to take the First Step…

7 thoughts on “Your goal isn’t that far…

    1. Well thank that moon for me!
      It’s been a long time since I’ve read anyone’s blog,that caught me… And *gasp* yours did.
      Keep it up!
      I’m gonna pest you for your whole journey…

      Liked by 1 person

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