A trip to Mumbai: Discovering the Unexpected

Sorry, I am a bit late. You know the same old struggles of a teen (exams, just sayin’). Do you know the significance of the name of my blog, Reminiscence? It means a narration of one’s past experiences. So today I am gonna be writing about my experience in Mumbai.

So my exams had just got over and I was on cloud nine😂. I was trying to figure out something interesting to do. After all I had become a victim of Extreme Boredomitis. It is a disease in which the patient is extremely bored and is jobless. It will start an epidemic someday. So just imagine how bored I was that I ‘invented’ this. Anyways, let’s get back to the topic. So I had a great idea. It was the cure to my condition. “Let’s go to Mumbai”. So my dad and I went to Mumbai.

So what comes to your mind when someone talks about Mumbai other than Bollywood. Hot and Humid weather, high population, traffic jams, noise pollution etc. What if I tell you that there is a very peaceful Buddhist temple in Mumbai. Yes, you heard it right! It is more peaceful than a silent group of 9th graders! This temple is known by the name Global Vipassana Pagoda. We were just travelling by an Auto Rikshaw when we noticed a beautiful golden-coloured structure. So we asked the Rikshaw driver to tell us about it. And that is how we got to know about it. It is located near the famous Essel World. To reach there we took a ferry to go to the other side of the sea. I saw seagulls for the first time from the ferry.

The architecture of the Pagoda is inspired from Myanmar and Indonesia. It was beautiful.

So this was about the my first day of tourism in Mumbai. On the next day, we went to the Aksa Beach early in the morning. It is not quite famous or visited as the Juhu Beach but the view is equally beautiful. Admit it, we have all done the following on a Beach:-

  • Collected Sea Shells
  • Made a sand castle/moutain
  • Played in water despite being scolded by our parents

Beach is a place that is really close to our hearts. It is just a perfect escapade when we just want to take a break from all our worries and just relax. So as I mentioned above, as soon as we arrived, I started on a “Sea shells collection spree ” which lasted for a period of 20 minutes. Then I went in the water untill the water reached just till my knees and started my childish water games. Like throwing water on myself then on my dad. Then getting scolded and after that drama, doing it all over again. It is just so much fun. Then I just walked across the Beach enjoying the serene landscape. Looking at the waves coming towards the land and going back is just so calming.

Sometimes I think the sea signifies our life where sometimes there are high tides and sometimes there are low tides. But it just goes on. It is just mesmerising. So Mumbai isn’t so turbulant after all, huh.

15 thoughts on “A trip to Mumbai: Discovering the Unexpected

  1. Just thinking about …the tranquility and peace that covers these places you’ve visited ,someway or other misguided me from the common misconception we have of Mumbai…the luxury and the constant noise which prevails in those jam packed streets..
    It’s nice to think that in every irrationally loud place is some peace and silence hidden just waiting to be ‘heard’…
    It’s great that you’ve debunked this myth!

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  2. “Sometimes I think the sea signifies our life where sometimes there are high tides and sometimes there are low tides. But it just goes on. It is just mesmerising. ”

    Wise inspiring words from our little Angel….. Keep churning out, U fine little wordsmith!!! There is a book lurking within you too…. Hope I get a copy.
    Next time U plan to come, keep us posted.. Will take U to a swell clean beach resort which has 2 forts!!! Dilapidated but exciting to explore.

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  3. Your description about the city is quite true and offers an unthought side . Glad you visited the pagoda . Haven’t been there as yet
    Hopefully soon 🤞🏻
    Importantly please refrain from using casual/ spoken English like gonna / wanna .
    Takes away the depth of your thoughts and trivialises it
    Keep writing
    Your thoughts are like a breath of fresh air

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    1. Thank you so much for reading…. Actually when I write my blogs, usually I don’t second guess it. Whatever is in my minds comes out in words and therefore I tend to use casual English. I will keep that in my mind from now on. Thanks again!!


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