The Enigmatic Letters

Dr. Andrews had never seen a case like this one in his entire career. It was just beyond his capabilities. He was just astonished to see the condition of the young, 13 year old girl, Lily.

Lily was born to Hans and Emily Evans. When she was just 5 years old, Emily died in a motor accident. After Emily’s death, Hans went into a state of depression. He started drinking a lot and therefore failed to care for Lily. So Lily was sent to live with a foster family. She was loved there,especially by Natalia. Natalia encouraged her to read books, write stories and do art and craft. She did her best to make sure that Lily doesn’t miss her parents and stays happy.

When Lily turned 12, she was allowed to stay up till 12.00 in the night at weekends. This was the time she enjoyed the most and had the most freedom. She used to play music and dance, binge watch her favourite shows etc. She mockingly called it, “Lily After Dark“, as if it was some show. Everything was going well until her 13th birthday.

Lily was quite excited for her 13th birthday. After all she was turning a teen. She had a big birthday bash. After the party was over, she went to her room to open her presents. As soon as she walked in, she saw an envelope lying on the bed-side table. It was addressed to her but the sender’s name or address was not mentioned on the envelope. There was a letter inside it which read:-

Dear Lily,

Happy Birthday. I still cannot believe that you are 13 now. I hope your party was good.

Okay, so let’s get to the point. I am assuming you are responsible now and you can take care of yourself. I need you to get out of this house as soon as possible. They have just took care of you like a pig which is going to be slaughtered. They can, actually they will act on it soon. If you don’t do what I told you to now, I will come and do something you won’t like.

Warning : Don’t show this to Natalia or you know what will happen. It is for your own good.



Lily was shocked. She was wondering if someone had written that letter as a prank on her birthday; or was her mother really dead; but why was her address not mentioned on the envelope; was she present during the party. She did not think much and hid the letter in her cupboard and slept.

The next morning, when Lily woke up, she found another letter by her side.

Dear Lily,

Listen to me. Get out of this house by this week. Maybe do it during the night when no one is watching you. If you want I can help you. It will be a whole new episode of Lily after Dark. And remember the rule. This is just between you and me.



She was quite bothered by it. For the next few days, she could not even focus in school. So she decided to tell Natalia. She trusted her the most in the world. Natalia told her to relax and just to ignore the letters. And she did. Every night, there was a letter on her bed-side table but she opened none. She kept them in the cupboard.

It was finally Friday. It was time for Lily After Dark. She was finally going to find some peace after so many days. So she started playing her favorite songs and started dancing. But as she was dancing, she felt a presence or a shadow behind her. When she turned back, there was nothing behind her. She continued with her dancing when suddenly she noticed a shadowy figure staring at her near the living room window. She broke out in a cold sweat. She shouted at the top of her voice. Everyone woke up and consoled her.

From that day on, she started sleeping in Natalia’s room. She always remained anxious. One night, Lily was murmuring something in her sleep. Natalia, who was sleeping beside her, went a bit closer to hear what she was saying. As soon as she came close, Lily said, “What are you looking at, it’s just a shallow body. But don’t you worry, revenge will be taken by me not her.” Chills went down her spine. She decided to take her to a psychiatrist first thing tomorrow.

Hey guys! It is a Friday the 13th Special. I know I should have posted it yesterday but it was written yesterday so the thought still counts. By the way, the 2nd part will be posted soon. Enjoy!

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