The Enigmatic Letters : The Conclusion

Like any other psychiatrist, Dr Andrews started interacting with Lily. He started asking her various questions, but she answered none. It was like as if she was in a coma. Natalia was continuously trying to convince the doctor that Lily had become mentally ill and needed to be sent to a mental hospital.

But Dr Andrews was just trying his best to bring her back to consciousness. It was all in vain. Lily wasn’t responding at all. Finally, Dr Andrews gave up, and told Natalia that she needed mental help asap. As he was saying this, a smile came on Natalia’s face. It was worn off when Lily started speaking in a matured woman’s voice. “Hey Nat, how are you today sis? ” Natalia was shocked. Lily continued…

“Oh so you’re just gonna send her off somewhere far like you did with me 8 years ago. If you wanted a part in Dad’s riches, you could have just asked me. I was least interested to be in his will. But you chose to kill me instead. I know that you were the one who failed my brakes while I was in your house on your birthday. I thought that you have matured since you tried to kill me when we were in high school. But I was wrong. I never should have trusted you. Now you are gonna face the same fate. ”

Natalia became extremely frightened, “I am sorry Emily. I was jealous that Dad never even considered me for the will. You were both Mom and Dad’s favourite. I was never loved by them as they loved you. This was going to be my redemption. So I rigged your car brakes so that it would seem like an accident. But you had already named all the money for Lily. So I paid Hans to send Lily to me and make it seem like she was sent to a foster family due to his drinking problem. So when she turned 12, I started giving her pills in the name of candy. These pills would make her paranoid. But I don’t really know about the letters.”

Then Lily asked, “Did we get the confession, officer? ”

“We got it, great job”, replied the man who just entered the room.

“What is going on here? “, asked Natalia.

“Oh nothing Aunty, it’s just that you’re under arrest. Did I nail it?”, replied Lily taking out the voice modulator off her neck.

“You sure did. Natalia Richards, you are under arrest for the brutal murder of Emily Evans”, replied the officer whose name tag read ‘Hans Evans’.

“But you were on my side, right Hans?”

“Let me break it to you Aunty. Before Mom started for your house, she had warned Daddy that you can’t be trusted fully and that she will be giving updates every 15 mins via her mobile. But when we didn’t receive an update for half an hour after she was about to move from your house, we understood something was fishy. Then we got the news that Mom had passed away in a car accident. We knew it wasn’t an accident. We wanted to report it but we lacked evidence.”

Hans continued, “So we made up a rumour that I had a drinking problem. You paid me to send Lily to your house but you never checked my background and that I worked with the FBI. Big mistake! You just dived into our trap and made our plan successful. While she was in your house and you were giving her those pills, she never took any. Those letters were written by me so that when she would show them to you, you would get rattled. She made up the story of seeing the shadowy figure. I had sent a voice modulator along with her so that she could scare you while in bed. Which brings us back to today. Hope you enjoy behind the bars. ”

A group of officers came in and took Natalia away.

Hans kissed Lily on the forehead and said, “All these years away from you were worth it. You were so brave. Mommy would be so proud that you finally gained her justice. ”

This is the second part of the Enigmatic Letters. Hope you liked the ending. If you were expecting any other ending, then let me know your interpretation. Enjoy!

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