Here’s to Humanity

Humans entered the picture,
2.5 million years ago.
We evolved with technology
But what about our ego.

Why be so cruel,
Why be so greedy.
We killed other species,
Just because we are needy.

Why segregate Blacks and Whites,
Why discriminate on race.
We are all in this together,
Sharing the same base.

Why be Xenophobic,
Why fight a war.
Spreading hatred will do no good,
But worsen it furthermore.

Why squash that tiny ant,
Why cage that free bird.
Using our strength for this,
Just makes our actions absurd.

Why cut that tree,
Why uproot that plant.
Is this how we repay,
The souls who gave us our want.

Why not some sympathy,
Why not some compassion.
Magnanimity is the key,
To our mentality’s refashion.

We only live once,
So break free from this prison.
Because Humanity, my friend,
Is your foremost religion.

~ Angel Bhatia

Hey guys. Today is World Poetry Day. This is my first ‘serious’ poem. Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Here’s to Humanity

  1. “But…but… but…

    But we really want that valley, and
    We really want that lake!
    And what about the crores of dollars
    That’s still left to make!

    What about the monocultures
    We could grow right here,
    Only if we clear these useless
    Forests that grow near!

    What about the oil to pump up?
    What about the coal?
    Don’t we own the planet? Then why
    Can’t we eat it whole?

    What about the gardens we can
    Make for our pleasure,
    If we clear these flithy slums, and
    Slum-folks for good measure!

    What about the pretty things that
    Line our corridors,
    What about the stately pairs who
    Grace our dancing floors?

    What is a few robeless thousands
    In exchange for this?
    What is a few more war-orphans
    For our dainty peace?

    Isn’t it the world’s unwritten
    Hallowed Golden Law?
    Aren’t lesser creatures destined
    For our hungry maw?

    A few dying species? They’re the
    Price for our glory!
    And all these downtrod sorry folks
    Ne’er make it to history.

    Oh how can you ask, foolish poet
    For us to stop our march?
    When we are winning left and right
    Why abandon the charge?

    The beasts they exist for man’s sake,
    The poor do for the rich,
    The powerless has always been
    The power-weilder’s bitch.

    Your poetry is a cute thing, sure,
    But alas, it’s a toy,
    This earth is ours to ravish, and
    It’s ours to destroy.”

    Yours truly,

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    1. Well this is our mindset nowadays… We did not create this planet and so it is not our right to destroy it. It was made for all the beings residing on this planet so if we maintain harmony, then probably we can give each other as well as this planet better lives.

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    2. This world was never only ours,
      And it never will be.
      We won’t be the first ones to perish,
      But it will be drastic, we shall see.

      We have caused major damage,
      And we should soon resign.
      See the changes on this planet,
      Take COVID19 as a sign.

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  2. Very nice Angel. Happy World Poetry Day!!!.
    You’ve started this chain and let me try a hand at Poetry too.

    It’s time to awake
    Changes in our behaviour we need to make
    Respect nature and or nature will have it’s say
    A wave will come and sweep us all away

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