Extreme Boredomitis

In one of my previous blogs which was on A Trip to Mumbai, I had mentioned a disease called Extreme Boredomitis and that it will start an epidemic someday. Well, I wasn’t wrong.

Now that we are literally ‘imprisoned’ in our homes due to this Covid19 pandemic, many of us have become victims of Extreme Boredomitis. We are out of things that could entertain us. Trust me, I have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S twice during this quarantine. When we could roam outside freely, we preferred to stay at home and do nothing but Netflix and Chill. And now that we get to stay home, Netflix has also become a bit frustrating. Remember Jack Dawson from Titanic. That guy felt like the ‘King of the World’s by standing on the foredeck of Titanic. How classic! Nowadays, even the streets of a busy city like Mumbai are deserted. So if a person goes out, he/she would also feel like the King of the World.

(Disclaimer : Angel Bhatia or Reminiscence does not support anyone going out of their houses during this lockdown. We don’t want to spread Coronavirus.) Gotta be diplomatic, huh!

But I really miss travelling. You have to admit, we all love travelling. It is fun to visit new places, get to know new people, create new memories and so much more. It can also be that you like to visit a particular place repeatedly as it is very close to your heart. But I just have one question, what means of transport do you use to reach your destination?

Is it your own private car, a bus, railways or a flight? There are multiple ways of reaching the same destination. But it is the journey which determines the way you enjoy while travelling.

By my experience, travelling on the road by car has been the best for me. It is just facinating to see all the ghats and mountains and valleys alongside you on the way. Then comes all the pit stops in between when you eat and rest a bit. If you travel with family or even friends, car drive is quite fun. Playing Atlas, Antakshari and many more games adds to the fun. But you must be thinking, we can play these games in a train or bus as well.
We can. But on a bus, I dunno why, it has always been Comedy of Errors with me. That is a whole new story. Maybe some time later. So train is an ideal transport if you don’t mind crowded places and make friends easily. Then it is a comfortable journey. A flight is ideal for long distance journeys where you just want to relax. But it is not as fun as the others. Well in my opinion, I don’t know about you guys.

It applies to life as well. Life is also like a journey. There are multiple ways of reaching your goal, but which one you choose determines the type of person you are. Either you can work hard, become street smart or use malpractices to reach your goal. But which one would you choose? That’s the question.

I got distracted from the topic big time. Well, we have always craved for a vacation. And now that we have 21 day long vacation, we want to work and study. Earlier we used to sleep because we were weary and tired. And now we are tired of sleeping.

So all of you can try to rejuvenate your skills like writing, art and craft, music etc. You guys can read more books. Recently online virtual classes, webinars and emuns have been introduced. You can participate in those EMUNs to improve your speaking skills. Create more beautiful memories with your family by playing board games and sometimes even doing some chores (my Dad keeps on emphasising this point to me). Now that we cannot exercise, we can do yoga and aerobics at home to stay fit. We can also participate in activities like plate banging, ringing bells and lighting Diyas (We need something to do). So let us make the most of this quarantine.

Hey guys! Today is Day 18 of the Lockdown. Let’s hope that this pandemic gets over as soon as possible. Please stay at home to keep yourself as well as your loved ones safe. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Extreme Boredomitis

  1. Itโ€™s true, Extreme Boredomitis is a thing now!
    We all need to do our own little bits at this time… and itโ€™s great your contributing like this… keep up the great work!
    And hope this boredom doesnโ€™t wipe the human phase, right outta this world ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. “When we could roam outside freely, we preferred to stay at home and do nothing but Netflix and Chill. And now that we get to stay home, Netflix has also become a bit frustrating.” , It is like we crave for things we don’t have but when we actually get it we just forget it’s importance.
    Extreme boredomitis is very relatable grt job

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  3. Yes this situation is very taxing, especially mentally. It is unfortunate that while we are getting bored at home doctors and nurses are working so hard. Let’s say these superheroes are blessing us with life and granting us an opportunity of boredom. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜„

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