A trip to Ratnagiri : Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

I had been so bored that I felt like this was it, the end of the world for me. I know, it sounds exaggerated but how would you feel if you were a person who loves travelling but couldn’t go anywhere for 7 months. Finally the day came when I got the opportunity to travel.

Now coming to the point after a whole paragraph of whining about a situation being faced by everyone. So, to cure my ‘Extreme Boredomitis’, we decided to go to Ratnagiri.

Day 1: En route to Ratnagiri

The first day was mostly about driving. But the way to Ratnagiri was beautiful and heavenly. We drove through the Ghats and also through a number of villages (Google Maps got confused and confused us too). I got to say, India has places which are unknown to many, but those who see them, remember them forever. We saw paddy and sugacane fields, mountains, rivers and lakes, and many animals (mostly cows, monkeys and dogs). We reached the hotel at around 7.00 pm. There was a beach nearby but it was very late. So we decided to go to the beach the next day.

Day 2: Tourism

As I mentioned, we went to the Ganpatipule Beach early in the morning. The beach was very clean and we had it all to ourselves. There was a very peaceful temple on the beach which was closed due to the pandemic but the path (parikrama) around the temple was beautiful too. There were old Banyan trees, Almond trees and wild flowering creepers near the pathway.

And as you already know from my trip to Mumbai, I love beaches and no matter how old I will be, I will always play in the water and collect sea shells. And as you would anticipate, I did the exact same thing.

Then, we went to the main market area of Ratnagiri. The way there was again very serene. The road had mountains on one side and beach on the other.

As soon as we entered the market area of Ratnagiri, the smell of fish and seafood surrounded us. After all, we were in coastal area which is famous for its seafood. The weather was quite pleasant in the morning but by afternoon, it was vert hot and humid. Although, we weren’t able to have seafood because of the ongoing Navratri and the weather was not that ideal, we still enjoyed a lot. We visited the Gateway of Ratnagiri, which is a pathway with the Mandavi Beach on both sides. There, I saw crabs for the first time. We also visited the Ratnadurg Fort (from the outside as we were tired) and the lighthouse (again from the outside because it was closed). The way to the lighthouse was quite adventurous. The view from the Ratnadurg Fort was something that I had only seen in the wallpaper section of my phone. To see it in real life was an extraordinary feeling.

The Gateway of Ratnagiri

The Ratnadurg Fort

The road to the Lighthouse

And that is pretty much about my second day in Ratnagiri.

Day 3: Back Home

We headed home on the third day. We took a different route this time because I really wanted to have Malvani style Fish. I didn’t get it as I mentioned above but this route took us to places where we could see clouds surrounding the road. Again, the road was through the Ghats but this time, we also saw waterfalls.

To sum it all up, it was a great trip and quite a memorable one too. It was during the pandemic where my essential things were masks and sanitizers instead of sunglasses and a pair of flip-flops.

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well during these times. I just hope some miracle happens and we get a cure to this disease. Till then, stay home, stay safe. And also, Happy Dussehra! Enjoy!

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