A trip to Kolkata: #Throwback

Well, when you love travelling but you are stuck at home due to the ongoing pandemic, you start thinking about the good old days when you could travel carefree without a mask suffocating you. So I was reminded of my lovely trip to the city of Kolkata.

I had travelled to Kolkata for a National Lawn Tennis tournament along with my father. Even though I did not win the tournament, I was quite happy with my performance. We were staying at a hotel near the tournament’s venue in Salt Lake area but after I was done with my last match, we went to stay at my uncle’s place on Loudon Street in Park Street area. One very good thing about the location is that it is the heart of Modern Kolkata. Hence, I could easily travel to the places that I wanted to visit.

Day 1 of tourism:-On the first day of tourism, my father and I, firstly, visited the Victoria Memorial. We went on foot and travelled 1.6 kilometres. I vividly remember that it was a very hot day. So, we kept taking minor breaks in between to drink water and to sit under trees on our way. Since it was the time after Durga Puja, we saw many pandals on the way. After 30 minutes of this routine, we finally reached our destination. It was bewitching. The beautiful gardens, the sculptures (especially of Queen Victoria), the fountains etc. were mesmerising to watch. We had also visited the museum situated in the premises. We saw various artifacts which included armoury, portraits, sculptures, rare and antiquarian books etc.In the evening, we went to the famous College Street. It is renowned for being India’s largest book market. And not just books, it is also the home to many prominent institutions such as the Sanskrit College and University, the Presidency University, the Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata, the University of Calcutta, Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management and many more. My teacher was going to visit his hometown and on his way, he had stopped by to meet his friends in Kolkata. He had invited me to meet him there. He and his friends were very kind to show me and my dad around. They told us about the historical significance of all the above-mentioned institutions. They showed us the College Square Swimming Pool. Then we went to Paramount Sherbet. I had a sore throat that day and so I had a room temperature Lychee drink while everyone else had Dub (Coconut) Sherbet which is actually their speciality. I remember seeing a board there which had the names of many famous personalities who visited the place regularly including Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Uttam Kumar, Satyajit Ray, Suchitra Sen etc.They also took us to the Indian Coffee House. It was the hub of intellectual activities in Kolkata. It had Satyajit Ray, Amartya Sen and many more as regular visitors. It was known as the intellectual hub of Kolkata and hence played an important role in the cultural history of Kolkata.
Day 2 of tourism:-
The next day, we visited the Indian Museum. Yes, yes, I like museums and Kolkata has a good collection. I just found out that it is the ninth oldest museum in the world, and the oldest and the largest museum in India. Just like the Victoria Memorial, the architecture of the premises was absolutely magnificent. We got to see a large collection of scientific specimens and cultural artifacts belonging to Indian art, archaeology, anthropology, geology, zoology and economic botany including armoury, ornaments, fossils, paintings etc.After having visited the museum, we walked through the markets of Kolkata. We could see shops selling clothes, toys, jewellery, pottery, jute bags etc. There were also food stalls there and so we indulged in enjoying various Bengali delicacies such as Poochkas, Jhalmuri, Rasgullas etc. Even though, as I mentioned, I had a sore throat, these were indeed worth it as they were heavenly.

There were a few things that I wanted to do but couldn’t due to some circumstances such as riding on the famous Kolkata tram. We had seen it while we were in College Street but couldn’t ride it as we had to reach somewhere urgently. That is something which I would definitely do the next time I am in Kolkata. Over all, my first trip to the lovely ‘City of Joy’ was epic.

Hey there! I apologize for having disappeared for such a long time. I was busy with studies and tired of being bored due to no inspiration. I would like to give a shout out to Inksfallblog for a wonderful visit. Enjoy!

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